Simple & Accessible Medical Data

Understand and access your health records anywhere and everywhere.

Tell them you want it

Stay current with your health

Being able to access your health information on demand can be lifesaving in an emergency situation, can help prevent medication errors, and can improve care coordination so everyone who is caring for you is on the same page.

Personalized Medical Timeline

Your records exist, we are just bringing them to life and making them easier for you to understand. An improved medical history gives both patient and practitioner the information they need.

Understand your life

New visualizations give you a clear understanding of what is happening with your health and open up the opportunity for clear dialogue.

Improving the way people think about their health

The purpose of this effort is to improve the design of the medical record so it is more usable by and meaningful to patients, their families, and others who take care of them. This is an opportunity to take the plain-text Blue Button file and enrich it's use and delivery.

This is an open-source effort, submitted under a Creative Commons license, for anyone who'd like to collaborate to put easy-to-understand medical data in the hands of folks across the nation.


M.ed was proudly designed & conceptualized as an entry for the Health Design Challenge by @JoshHemsley